Faith Hope Baptist Church
40 Georges Road
New Brunswick, NJ  08901
Reverend William C. Riddick, Pastor
(732) 828-5580

Church History

The Faith Hope Baptist Church was organized on February 25, 1972.  The name, Faith Hope, was submitted by Sister Tommie Lee Johnson.  Since this dedicated and committed group of believers demonstrated faith in God and hope for the future, the name seemed very appropriate and was chosen.

On March 10, 1972, the Church was set up as a permanent Organization and extended the call to Reverend Willie Bowser, Sr., to be her first Pastor.   Reverend Bowser, Sr. accepted the call; and, by the majority vote became the Founder and Pastor of Faith Hope Baptist Church.

The people had a mind to work and on March 10, 1972, the church moved into its first home located at 19 Hiram Street, New Brunswick, NJ.  The Church continued to grow and a need for a larger sanctuary became evident.  Therefore, on March 15, 1973, the Church purchases a building at 40 Georges Road and renovated the building for Church worship.  Reverend Willie Bowser, Sr. served as Pastor until he was called Home to be with the Lord on June 19, 1981.

In July 1981, Reverend William Curtis Riddick accepted the request of the membership, and God's calling to become God's Undershepherd to serve the members of Faith Hope, and was installed as Pastor in November.

Under the leadership of Reverend Riddick, the Faith Hope Church continues to experience phenonmenal growth financially and spiritually; and, it is a positive force in the community.  Visibility of progress can escape no eye as the Faith Hope Church moves forward in this millennium to bring to fruition extensions of Pastor Riddicks' vision:

* The Reorganization of the Youth Ministry to provide service and programs that are relevant to our Young People
* The Silver Angels Ministry to coordinate and oversee cultural and social activities relevant to this age group and to establish an outreach ministry for the elderly of the Faith
Hope Church community
* The implementation of a Women's and Men's Holistic Wellness Ministry designed to bring attention to health issues and the need to take of self
* The enhancement of our Church Website.  It is envisioned that through this medium there is the potential to reach many who otherwise might not  hear the Gospel
* New face lifts (inside and outside) to the existing structure to enhance the appearance

We realize the Church is God's Instrument for world evangelism; and we pledge to move onward with prayerful application to the business of the Church with God granting us continuous prosperity and rich blessings.  As a Church, we will continue to move forward with God as our constant guide and companion and with a Christ-like spirit in our hearts.

For our commitment to faithful service, we will continue "Serving the Lord with gladness and To God be the Glory!"
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